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Our Services include Air, Sea & Land Transport

Mangalam India

Logistics Solutions

Mangalam Cargo Solutions LLP provides a range of Logistics Solutions. We are certified IATA Accredited Cargo Agents and Freight Forwarding Specialists, with an established experience in facilitating International Transportation. Our services include Air, Sea and Land transport and our International trading partners and alliances enable us to provide Logistics Solutions across the globe.

Freight Forwarding

We undertake the handling, co-ordination and shipment of goods via carriers across all modes of cargo transport. Mangalam Cargo Solutions LLP has an excellent record of superior service, with effective lead times and strong positive international ties.

Over the years, we have been able to develop alliances with all major international shipping lines, which permits us the ability to offer our services with effective lead times and competitive rates. Furthermore, our business allies are spread across the globe, enabling us to provide Clearing and Forwarding services from an extensive array of international ports.

Customised Services

Our ability to offer point-to-point services has been a product of our years of service in this industry. We have developed an extensive network of business intelligence and correspondence which enables us to operate effectively and efficiently in order to deliver the best value to our clients. Through strong inter-departmental co-ordination, we are able to offer our streamlined services as a single point of contact to oversee the entire Import and Export process in conjunction with our Clearing and Forwarding services.

We work with our clients to design custom-tailored solutions to their Logistics Requirements.

point-to-point services

Between the expertise of Mangalam (India), Sumangalam (India) and Mangalam Cargo Solutions LLP, the Mangalam Group is proud to offer complete and competent point-to point Logistics Solutions. With our International alliances and trade partners, we can arrange for Transport and Customs Clearance from the point of ex-works all the way through to final destination delivery.